Osteopathy appointments are available outside of work hours at the following locations:
Wimbledon: Saturday mornings (Irene Crossley), Tuesdays until 8pm (Carlo Dore) and Thursdays from 8am (Carlo Dore)
Cobham: Tuesday evenings (Emily Chhabra)

Sports Rehabilitation

Fran qualified as a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist in 2012. She was drawn to Sports Massage while studying rehabilitation as part of her Sport Science degree and had the desire to help clients who were in pain.

Fran treats not only Sports people, but anyone who maybe in pain, or requiring stress relief. Beyond simply treating your condition, Franís aim is to return you to your chosen activity, help with stress relief, and maintaining your bodies function to keep you healthy for everyday activities.

Fran regularly participates in physical activity, whether it be HIIT training, Pilates or weight training, so understands the benefits of massage and the common injuries associated with regular physical excursions. Fran uses a variety of techniques to provide you with the best treatment designed just for you. Fran also believes in supporting her clients with stretches and exercises tailored to their needs.


Fran Baxter

Clinic Times:
Monday & Thursday mornings and lunchtimes
Friday lunchtimes
Alternate Wednesday evenings
To make a booking, please contact her directly at fmbaxter@hotmail.co.uk
or on 07766192725

1 Hour £65
30 Minutes £45
45 minutes £55