Osteopathy appointments are available outside of work hours at the following locations:
Wimbledon: Saturday mornings (Irene Crossley), Tuesdays until 8pm (Carlo Dore) and Thursdays from 8am (Carlo Dore)
Cobham: Tuesday evenings (Emily Chhabra)


Kieran began training as an osteopath nearly 30 years ago and qualified through the world famous British School of Osteopathy (now called the University College of Osteopathy) in London. He has experience of working in both the UK and overseas in Auckland, New Zealand, and also in the French Alps as a Registered Osteopath. Kieran is now a senior lecturer and speaks regularly at various osteopathic colleges throughout Europe.

Kieran is one of the two principal osteopaths at the three main clinic sites in Wimbledon, Woking and Cobham.

Kieran offers treatment for a wide range of musculo-skeletal complaints and has a keen interest in the treatment of sports related injuries, himself regularly competing in triathlons, most notably completing in a long distance Ironman race in 2016.

To make an appointment to see Kieran, or for more information please call us on 020 8545 0965 or contact us for booking details.


Kieran Chhabra

Clinic Prices and Times
Wimbledon (£60): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and Friday afternoons

Woking (£50): Monday afternoons

Cobham (£55): Tuesday mornings (8am - 1pm), Wednesday afternoons/ evenings and Thursday afternoons

Remote video telehealth consultation (£50)