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Elize Gay, Somatologist & Laser Specialist

Elize is an internationally qualified therapist with 18 years experience in the beauty industry. She obtained her ITEC and CIDESCO certificates with distinction and qualified in the USA as semi-permanent make up technician. She further obtained her Reflexology Diploma with Honors at the International Holistic Institute SA. In the UK, she completed her Teacher's Diploma in various IPL and Laser Systems.

Elize started various clinics over the past few years in South Africa and the UK and worked on the famous Celebrity Cruise liner, Galaxy, in the USA. She worked at a few top clinics in Knightsbridge including Harrods. She specializes in IPL and laser treatments.

Are you tired of red facial veins, dark sun spots and freckles on the face and hands? Thanks to the Skin Rejuvenation treatment, results can be achieved within 1-3 treatments. This is a safe and clinically proven treatment to treat all the above including unwanted hair.

The customized hair removal treatment can treat skin types 1-3 , all skin pigmentation (light to heavy), including all hair thickness (fine to thick hair). The increased energy helps to optimize results in a short period of time.


Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation treatment is a method of imroving pigmentation, freckles, sun damage, sun spots and enlarged pores. It also improves the appearance of redness, rosacea and facial thread veins. 1-3 sessions may be necessary for optimal results.

before after sun damage before after freckles


Intense Pulsed Light is a method of treating unwanted hair that may be a cause of hirsuitis, hypertrichosis and other disorders. Treatments like Ellipse will not cure any medical conditions causing unwanted hair. The purpose of the treatment is to reduce hair growth by using IPL to disable the hair follicle. 6 sessions are needed within 6-8 week period



  • SKIN TYPES: Anyone with skin type 1-3 (fair o olive skin tone can be treated)
  • PIGMENTATION: Light to medium skin tones can be treated.
  • HAIR THICKNESS: Hair thickness varies from area to area. We can successfully treat fine hair on the face to thick hair on the legs, back and bikini area.
  • ENERGY: Settings is customized every time to give the client a stronger and more effective treatment.

How the treatment works for Hair Removal:

Light is attracted to the hair, which causes a heat reaction in the follicle that will inhibit the hairs ability to grow. Shaving is the only form of hair removal allowed during the course of 6 treatments, performed every 6-8 week apart. The stubble grows back in a day or two and after 3 weeks the hair falls out. You can help the process by shaving or body brushing. After your second treatment, you can keep shaving to the minimum.

How the treatment works for Skin Rejvenation for treatment of Facial Veins and Pigmentation:

Light is attracted to the pigmentation or darkness in the freckle or sun spot. During the vein treatment, the light is attracted to the blood within the vessel. Treatment may vary from 1-3 treatment sessions once every 4 weeks. The vein treatment is a quick fix and results are instant, but veins will re-appear when you are exposed to the factors that caused them in the first place. This could be severe weather conditions, certain foods or medication and general health condition to mention a few. However it's reassuring that the treatment can be performed all year round. It is however important that you have no sun exposure 2 months pre and post Skin Rejuvenation or Vein Treatment and that a high factor sunscreen should be applied. No exceptions.


Elize Gay

For appointments, Elize can be contacted directly by phone or WhatsAppp on 07898 983 910 and for further information about the scope of her work and prices, visit https://elizegay.com/pricelist