Osteopathy appointments are available outside of work hours at the following locations:
Wimbledon: Saturday mornings (Irene Crossley), Tuesdays until 8pm (Carlo Dore) and Thursdays from 8am (Carlo Dore)
Cobham: Tuesday evenings (Emily Chhabra)
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Rachael is a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist with a wealth of experience working in the NHS and the community with a people from a very wide range of backgrounds. Rachael has completed level one and two Mindfulness teacher training, and can offer Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) which is recognised by NICE as an effective treatment for individuals who have experiences of re-occurring depression.

In addition to her clinical work, Rachael is also a Teaching Fellow at Surrey University’s Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Programme where she teaches and supervises trainee Cognitive Behaviour Therapists.

CBT focuses on understanding and working with thinking patterns and behaviours which can maintain emotional and psychological distress. It is an active treatment, which is recognised by NICE as the ‘gold standard’ treatment for a range of problems including:

  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Panic Attacks
  • Generalised Anxiety
  • Specific Phobias
  • Social Anxiety
  • Health Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Eating Disorders.

CBT can also be helpful for with issues such as low self esteem, perfectionism and general life stress.

To find out more about Rachael and the treatment she offers, more information can be found on her website www.kindtomind.com. A free 15 minute telephone consultation is offered to anyone considering CBT to briefly talk through your circumstances, and to make sure you feel comfortable with your therapist.


Rachael Orr

Clinic Times
Tuesday afternoons

Tel: 020 8545 0965

Rachael can be contacted directly on 020 3648 3323 or at rachael@kindtomind.com